The lighthouse Kråkenes Fyr

Welcome to Kråkenes Lighthouse. Here you can spend the night and experience the best of nature. During the season you can be served coffee and cake in the lighthouse cafe.



The Stormsuite consists of three rooms at the top floor of the lighthouse. It has a living room, dining room, kitchenette and a bathroom. Max 4 people in the same family/kohort, can stay in the Stormsuite. Towel and Bed linen are included. You must wash and clean the house before you are leaving. It is wherry important that you reed the information you will find in the house when you arriving. More information see our booking site.

Prices in 2021 Pr. night:

  • NOK 2000,- not member of DNT
  • NOK 1700,- if you are a member of DNT


The Stormhouse is the house where the Lighthouse assistants lived with there families. It was build in 1930. Its a cozy little house and are well equipped. In the second floor you will find a living room with dining table. Kitchen with a dining table, Refrigerator, Stove, Coffee maker, Kettle. Every thing you need to make a good meal. To bedrooms with 3 beds

In the third floor there is on room with double bed and one with double bed and a single bed. Both with own toilet room . Shared bathroom with shower and a laundry room you will find in the first floor.

The Stormhouse is now rented out as one unit because of the Covid-19 epidemic. You will have the hole house for your self. One family/cohort can rent the house. You must take with you Bed linen, otherwise you can rent it with us. You must Wash and clean the house before you are leaving. It is wherry important that you reed the information you will find in the house when you arriving.


  • Renting the hole house pr. night
  • Member of DNT NOK 2200,-
  • Not member of DNT. NOK 2500,
  • Towels , pr. person NOK 50,-
  • Bed linen, pr. person NOK 150,-


  • Cancellation up toand including 6 days before the day of attendance entitles you to a full refund. 
  •  Ex: A stay Friday-Sunday must be cancelled no later than 11:59 p.m. on Saturday
  • Cancellation made later than 5 days before the day of attendance does not entitle you to a refund.
  • Bookings for a house can be moved to another date and/or another of Ytre Nordfjord Turlag’s houses within 5 days before the original meeting day.
  • Such changes are made by e-mail to

Cancellation can be done in two ways. Through the online booking site on “my page” or by sending an email to and attaching the receipt.

Link to my page:



The hole 3rd floor of the lighthouse house has at your disposal. Living room with sofa bed, dining room, bedroom, bathroom with shower and toilet and a kitchenette. Here a family/cohort of up to 4 people can rent. Bed linen and towel are included. Own bed linen, sleeping/sheets bag is not allowed. Please do not go up in the suite with outdoor shoes.

The café on the main floor is open in season.


located approx. 50 m from the lighthouse and consists of, kitchen, living room, bathroom w/shower, 2 double bedrooms w/ private toilet and two bedrooms with 3 and 4 beds.

We now rent out the whole house as an accommodation to limit the risk of infection. Here can one family/cohort can rent the house. One must bring your own clean bed linen or one can rent bed linen from us.


  1. Bed linen located on the beds should not be removed, a new linen should be taken over.
  2. Used, rented/included, bed linen and towel are placed in marked sacks in the laundry- room. Cloths and tea towel are placed in marked basked.
  3. Waste is placed in the waste bins in the shed outside the lighthouse, please sort the waste.
  4. Do not leave food and other equipment on the lighthouse.
  5. There is limited power on the lighthouse so limit the use otherwise the fuses go.
  6. Charging of electric cars is therefore not allowed.
  7. Upon departure, it is extra important now that everyone washes and cleans after them. Follow washing instructions that are in the houses. Wash is not included and we reserve the right to  bill you for up to NOK 2000, – if this is not followed.
  8. Dogs and other animals are not allowed indoors at the lighthouse.
  9. Smoking not allowed.
  10. Driving to the lighthouse is basically only for disabled and for operation. Contact us if necessary. Use parking space approx. 5 min.  walk from the lighthouse.
  11. Bring your own food and drink. Grocery can be bought at Raudeberg about 17 km from the Lighthouse.
  12. Arrival after 16:00, departure before 12:00
  13. Key you will find in a key box in the shelter outside the lighthouse. For code, call phone no. 0047 929 97 913 or send an email to

Ytre Nordfjord Turlag

The Kråkenes lighthouse is located on Norway’s western coast, an area notorious for its harsh weather climate. The lighthouse belongs to the community of Vågsøy, located in the Nordfjord region, Sogn og Fjordane. You will find Vågsøy and its largest town, Måløy, on the map between Ålesund and Bergen. The trip takes 3-4 hours by car from Ålesund, 6-7 hours from Bergen and about 9 hours from Oslo.

At Kråkenes Fyr you will find the main house with the Storm /bridal- suite, the Stormhouse with 2 double rooms, family rooms with 3 & 4 beds and a weather station. About one km from the lighthouse You will find the small village Kråkenes. It is a wonderful adventure to explore the surroundings by foot. You can walk to the village, stop by the old boathouses, the chapel with the cemetery and four cereal mills from the 17 th century. You might also want to climb up behind the lighthouse and explore stone formations left from the glacial period. There are also lovely spots down at the waterside to watch the beauty of ocean and get your own fish. The next town with shops and restaurants is Måløy, about half an hour drive away from Kråkenes Fyr.

We also recommend to take trips by car discover the beautiful island Vågsøy and to walk along the magnificent beach Refvik and visit the other lighthouses Skongenes, Ulvesund and Hendanes Fyr. You might also want to visit other tourist attractions like the specially shaped stone Kannestein rock and the trading center Vågsberget from the 16 th century. Another unforgettable day trip is to drive north to the  Stad region and Vestkapp, where you both meet spectacular untouched nature, lovely beaches like Hoddevik and Ervik surrounded by  steep cliffs. You might also be interested  to explore the old bunkers and ruins from the second world war at Hovden.


Please bring your own sheets/ sleeping bag and towels, 

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